REVIEW About Zorin OS 16: Better GNOME With Much More Simplicity

Zorin OS 16 has been released and it’s the best version of Zorin ever in terms of design and performance! Even though it’s based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, Zorin OS 16 has everything you need to turn your PC into an awesome machine that’s lightning-fast and perfectly suited for work and play! Here’s our review of the new Zorin OS 16 and what makes it such an awesome desktop Linux distro! Check it out now!

What to do before downloading an ISO

It’s always a good idea to perform a few preliminary checks before downloading an ISO file. Begin by making sure your computer is capable of booting from a CD or DVD, and also check to make sure you have an optical drive that can handle both reading and writing data. After verifying your hardware, run a quick Internet search for any known issues with installing Zorin on your particular machine. If everything looks good and you still want to try out Zorin, head on over to our Downloads page and download either the 64-bit or 32-bit version. Both versions are free—just pick which one you need based on your system’s hardware specifications.

What to do after downloading an ISO

We’ve already gone over how to download an ISO file, but what do you do once it’s on your computer? You need to burn it to a DVD or USB stick, obviously. And for that, you can use any of a number of software tools. After all, just because Linux doesn’t have it’s own iTunes or Windows Media Player doesn’t mean there aren’t loads of options available for burning ISOs. Here are our picks for the best disk-burning apps on Linux. Note that we recommend using UNetbootin even if you don’t intend to install Ubuntu; see our instructions here for details.

How to burn an ISO in Windows 10

First, right-click on your ISO file and select Mount. The default mount location will be C:\Users\username\Videos (where username is your actual username), but you can change it to a different folder if you want. Then go to This PC or My Computer and click on where you mounted your ISO. It should look like a regular CD/DVD drive. You should now be able to drag an item into that drive to burn it onto a disc. And there’s no need for third-party software like Roxio or Nero—Windows 10’s built-in tools work just fine.

Installing Zorin OS from a USB drive on Windows

While not as simple as a single button in WINE, installing from a USB drive is still straightforward enough that even a beginner could accomplish it. The installer will prompt you on which partition to install on, but otherwise, it should be smooth sailing with no issues. If your computer has a working DVD drive, you can also create an installation disc through Windows itself; just download an ISO image file and follow these instructions. Alternatively, if you have access to Mac or Linux, you can use either of those to make an installation USB stick.

Overall rating, what’s good and bad about this Linux distro

8/10. I think Zorin OS is really one of those Linux distros that is easy to install, looks good, feels good, and acts great! When it comes to a new Linux user just looking for something light to start with, there’s no real reason to go beyond Ubuntu or Linux Mint. But if you are tired of looking at their identical interfaces and want something different, then I recommend giving Zorin a chance as it will not disappoint you.

Tips & tricks when using Zorin OS

When you get to use a product like Zorin OS, it’s great to see all of the features that it includes. However, if you are new to using Linux or open-source software in general, not all of these features will be useful. The good news is that there are some really easy tips and tricks that can help you get more out of using Zorin OS. Here are five things that I have learned from using Zorin OS over time. Some of them may seem like common sense but it’s still nice to know about them if you’re new to Linux and open-source software in general.

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