REVIEWS of Garuda Desktops Put a New Spin on Linux Looks

If you’re looking to make the switch from Windows to Linux. But you don’t want to sacrifice your eye candy. Then you’re in luck! Garuda is proud to present our new line of desktop computers that combine gorgeous. Modern styling with rock-solid performance and cutting-edge hardware — all at prices that won’t break the bank. It might be time to give Linux a second look!

Video Review

In 2006, Brendan Cass was thrilled when his custom-built computer arrived in a much quicker time than he anticipated. He fired it up and …but he also couldn’t get it to connect to WiFi. The system wouldn’t boot without letting him know about hardware issues, such as This optical drive does not appear to be functioning properly. Even though there was nothing wrong with any of his hardware. Brendan came to me for help because none of these problems were explained anywhere online. And I’m betting that if you’re reading my column you’ve experienced some pretty strange stuff with your own custom-built PC.


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Final Thoughts

Since Linux 3.0 and beyond, it has become increasingly clear that proprietary software isn’t inherently better than free and open-source software. Even with non-profit foundations doing much of their development, free and open-source software is becoming more user-friendly, secure, and polished in every release. The company behind Garuda Desktops is leading that trend toward widespread acceptance by offering something unique to desktop users: big media support out of the box with an intuitive interface. Just don’t expect to spend much time watching movies on your computer!

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