Tesla Smartphone Could Be a GameChanger

While it’s easy to get excited about new smartphone offerings, particularly when they come from Apple. There’s nothing as exciting as a new phone coming from an unexpected place like Tesla Motors. Reports have been circulating that the all-electric car manufacturer is planning to release its own smartphone in early 2016, which means it might soon be time to change your cell phone plan if you haven’t already done so. Here are five reasons why the Tesla smartphone could be a game-changer.

Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is positioned as an electric car for everyone. While current options like the Tesla Model S are very expensive, a $35,000 (after federal tax incentives) Tesla could give customers even more reason to ditch their gas-powered vehicles in favor of an all-electric ride. It’s not clear when you’ll be able to actually purchase one—CEO Elon Musk says that production will start next year—but based on initial demand, it may sell out quickly. The Model 3’s base model will get about 215 miles per charge and can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than six seconds. Though it’s technically an upgrade over its predecessor, the company plans to continue production of the older models as well.

Model S

Tesla Model S is one of, if not THE best electric vehicle on earth. It is so awesome, in fact, that Time Magazine called it 2013 Car of The Year. One day soon after you buy your first Tesla Model S (or Roadster) from Tesla Motors [NASDAQ: TSLA], you are going to realize that there are no smartphones for sale with enough juice to support constant GPS use and internet browsing for hours and hours on end. But before that happens there will be an alternative… enter the Tesla Smartphone!

Model X

The new Falcon Wing doors on Tesla’s Model X are so cool, they get their own headline. But other automakers won’t be able to help themselves from copying them. Mercedes and BMW will bring out versions of their flagship crossovers with similar air vents in 2018 and 2019. No doubt these vehicles will be hugely popular–and once that happens, there’s no going back for any automaker not using them. Technology moves fast, and consumers are fickle–so if you’re not developing features that blow customers away, someone else will beat you to it.

5G Mobile Internet

If you’re reading up on 5G, chances are you already know that it’s going to be insanely fast. While early speeds have been measured in gigabits per second, it’s possible 5G could push into terabit territory — that is, a trillion bits per second. Why is that important? Because 5G promises to enable all sorts of new applications and services. If you have 1TB of data per month available on your phone, you can get through it in about an hour or two using today’s technology.

A New Business Model for Car Manufacturers?

Tesla is reportedly launching its own smartphone, which could shake up how we view car brands. The phone will come with built-in access to software and apps, such as Google Maps and Spotify. As companies like Tesla begin to offer phones directly to consumers, they’ll have more control over their products from start to finish. This may be an opportunity for car manufacturers to reinvent themselves as technology companies (think: Apple), rather than simply producing cars. It could also be one of many steps that lead us towards self-driving cars in which there is little room for human error – at least when it comes to the basic operation of vehicles. Either way, something tells me that I won’t be buying any new phones made by car companies any time soon!

Market Impact of the Tesla 5G Phone?

If you have never thought about it, then here is a quick rundown of how smartphones work and what they do. All mobile phones (not just smartphones) connect to cell phone towers that make calls and allow us to surf the internet. The phones send out radio signals on specific frequencies and are received by these towers that then find where you are in relation to them. Think of them as amplifiers but with much better range than most other radios we use. Currently, 5G technology has been adopted in South Korea, India, Singapore, Russia, and Spain for cell phone use without any major issues reported so far.

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