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Early detection of this "Deadly" cancer is critical

Not All Cancer is the Same

"Cancer is a six-letter word nobody wants to hear," says Dr. Mitchell. Even stoic people are afraid. Not all cancers are the same, and a diagnosis isn't always fatal.

Why is Early Detection so Vital with Cancer?

Early detection allows for early treatment, says Dr. Mitchell. Early cancer detection improves survival odds. Early detection leads to less invasive and cheaper treatments.

Why Are Some Cancers Challenging to Detect?

According to Dr. Mitchell, all cancers involve the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Each type of cancer grows and spreads differently.

Ovarian Cancer

"Ovarian cancer begins in the ovaries," says Dr. Mitchell. Each side of the uterus has two almond-shaped ovaries. The fallopian tubes produce eggs that implant in the uterus.

Pancreatic Cancer

Dr. Mitchell says pancreatic cancer begins in the pancreas, an organ behind the stomach. "Your pancreas produces digestive enzymes and blood sugar-regulating hormones.

Brain Cancer

Brain cancer starts in the brain's cells, explains Dr. Mitchell. Brain controls many body functions. It has many cell types.

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